Some Random Thoughts

#1. Is pretendinga lot more easy for you?

#2. Why do you make promises and don’t keep them?

#3. I guess forgetting that person is impossible unless you have amnesia.

It isn’t right to say that I’m starting to forget you or that I’m starting not to care. Because often times, I feel like I won’t be able to move on. I still look for you on busy streets. I still count the days when I will be able to see you again. I know I’ll find my way to happiness someday. But for the mean time, let me walk slowly, step by step to reach the place where your smile will be patiently waiting. And I’ll live.

#4. It’s a lie to say you’ve let go of the past. Nobody lets go of memories. Each tear is an unforgettable memory. Each smile is an undeniable mark. Each heartbreak is an unerasable scar. There is no such thing as forgetting. Only acceptance.

#5. It’s a lot easier to say that you’re mad than to admit that you’re hurt.

#6. I tried, I waited. I’m done, love faded. No.

#7. Sometimes, we need to be open of what we feel. Denying is not the best way to escape. Because the more you hide it, the more it kills you inside. (TRUE. very..)

#8. Worthless. That’s how you made me feel.

#9. I’m sorry.. You have no idea how hard it is for me than it is for you. Trust me, I’m doing this for you. Because I do care for you. Really. And I don’t want you to hurt. I’d rather hurt myself.

#10. Thank you. Can you now turn your back so I could cry?

#11. A person like you, I want to keep. But my conscience says no.

#12. Daddy.

#13. For my peace of mind, I have decided.